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We are two women who love running around in activewear. 

We both used to purchase our active gear from mainstream stores, but never found the quality or fit right. When you are wearing it every day this became a real problem.
Our journey started when, Kate, one of the Founding Partners of Ipanema Girl travelled to Brazil in 2014. The quality and style of the activewear in Brazil struck a chord with Kate and it was then that she realised that this amazing active wear needed to be shown to the rest of the world.
After some blood, sweat and tears Ipanema Girl was created in 2015.

We take great pride in carefully selecting the suppliers that we work with in Brazil. Not only do we expect our suppliers to provide us with quality, innovative designs and fabrics, it is imperative that our suppliers offer good working conditions and pay for their workers. We work with both small family owned and large commercial ateliers to ensure we are not only maximising the quality and designs of our products, but are also supporting the local Brazilian economy.

We are also active in supporting our local businesses. This month we are launching our first networking event, Self Made Together, for women who work for themselves or own SME. It’s a not for profit project and designed to bring like minded women together to learn, create a support network and find new ways to collaborate and grow their business.
It really goes without saying, we are environmentally conscious and recycle all the packaging including soft plastic bags. We do not include paper invoices or any complex wrapping.
Our goal and mission is to run our business in a morally, ethically and environmentally sustainable way. We sell excellent quality products, sourced from ethical suppliers and we always do our best to look after the environment.

Over and above this, having happy customers is the key to why we do what we do! All women should feel good in leggings and our activewear, whether they are in the gym, running around after the kids or watching the latest season on Netflix. Whatever women are doing they can look and feel good in our gear. This is what we treasure. We ensure that our customers are happy right from the minute they interact with us. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee as we are a 100% confident of our product.
Who is our product for? Any woman that likes wearing comfortable clothes on a daily basis, that appreciates good quality clothes and wants to feel that the clothes itself sets the mood for the day. You don’t have to be a fitness freak to enjoy wearing Ipanema Girl leggings. The best legging moments we’ve had were at coffee catch ups, looking after crazy kids or just hanging at home on the couch.

We hope you love and enjoy our product as much as we do!

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