UK/NZ/AU Size Guide
Ipanema Girl Size UK/NZ/AU
XS 2
S 4
S 6
S 8
S/M 10
M 12
M/L 14
L/XL 16
XL 18
US Size Guide
Ipanema Girl Size US
XS 0
S 0
S 2
S/M 4
S/M 6
S/M/L 8
M/L 10
M/L 12
L 14
EU Size Guide
Ipanema Girl Size EU
XS 30
S 32
S 34
S/M 36
S/M 38
S/M/L 40
M/L 42
M/L 44
L 46
IT Size Guide
Ipanema Girl Size IT
XS 34
S 36
S 38
S/M 40
S/M 42
S/M/L 44
M/L 46
M/L 48
L 50
RU Size Guide
Ipanema Girl Size RU
XS 36/38
S 38
S 38/40
S/M 40
S/M 42/44
S/M/L 46
M/L 48
M/L 50
L 54




Bust Size Guide
Ipanema Girl Size NZ SIZE BUST
S 4 31 78
S 6 32 80.5
S/M 8 33 83
S/M 10 35 88
S/M/L 12 37 93
M/L 14 39 98
M/L 16 41 103
L 18 44 110.5
Waist Size Guide
Ipanema Girl Size NZ SIZE WAIST
S 4 24 60
S 6 25 62.5
S/M 8 26 65
S/M 10 28 70
S/M/L 12 30 75
M/L 14 31 80
M/L 16 33 85
L 18 36 92.5
Hips Size Guide
Ipanema Girl Size NZ SIZE HIPS
S 4 33 83.5
S 6 34 86
S/M 8 35 88.5
S/M 10 37 93.5
S/M/L 12 39 98.5
M/L 14 41 103.5
M/L 16 43 108.5
L 18 46 116



All our clothes are manufactured in Brazil and are made out of highly stretchable fabrics. A good thing about such stretchy fabrics is that our clothes fits the body with great comfort and precision. It also hides imperfections such as cellulite, hides the muffin top and gives an effect of a butt lift.


Either way if it does not fit right, you can exchange it for free! See our Shipping and Returns section for more info.



Made For Real Women
Made For Real Women

Our clothes is made for real women, which means our clothes will fit all types of figures well whether you are curvy or very slim, whether you have wide or narrow hips.

Made For Real Women
High Waist Bottoms

Bottoms often come high-waisted to give you an option of keeping the muffin top under control and give you that nice compression line around the waist showing a nice curve.

Made For Real Women
High Waist Folded

You can also fold any high waist bottoms and show off those nice abs you worked hard for in the gym. It'll sure impress some girls and guys when you walk by.

Made For Real Women
Leggings Slightly Shorter

In Brazil leggings are made to finish at your ankle bone – it is not common to have leggings below that mainly because of the hot tropical climate. Or maybe they like showing off their ankles.

Made For Real Women
Bras Are For Average Bust Size

Bras are normally made for average bust size – if you are a powerful C cup or above, padded bras may not fit you well unless the size is specified. However, jumpsuits mostly come without padding and thus may handle more voluptuous shapes.

Made For Real Women
It Is All About The Butts

Despite our bras potentially not fitting large chest, it is completely different when it comes to butts! Bottoms are made from stretchy fabric to accommodate for derrieres of any sizes. Certain fabrics can stretch 500% and come back to its initial shape without damage. 

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