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We like good quality things and don’t really believe in fast fashion. We believe in functional clothing that can be worn in and outside of gym. Clothing should fit well and worth your money and space in your closet. We believe in fair business – if we do something wrong we will do it right by you to fix it. We will honour our commitments. This business is our take on the world to show that it can be fair to everyone.


To bring you the best fitness and casual wear from Brazil, made out of top quality fabrics that will encourage you to be adventurous with your life and to try new things.


One of the key drivers in launching the brand was our struggle to find beautiful clothes that fit the body perfectly and brought confidence and motivation to us to achieve our goals every day.

Our busy lifestyles were also forcing us to make clothing choices in favour of something extremely functional that can be worn to workouts as well as for daily activities. Brazilian women embraced this concept of functional clothes and they also do not pay the money for uncomfortable clothing – it should not only fit, but enhance the beauty of your body regardless of the shape. We want to bring this concept to New Zealand and other countries continuously work to select the best items available in the Brazilian market.


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