We are two girls who have active lifestyles, and love running around in our leggings most of the time.  We used to buy activewear from mainstream stores, but never felt amazingly excited about the quality or fit on our bodies. It seemed all the leggings are made for women with perfect bodies, so perfect that they probably don’t even exist in reality.


Then one of us travelled to Brazil in 2015. Kate loved the quality of fitness wear there so much that we decided to bring it over to NZ. We haven’t tried leggings more comfortable. They are very soft and stretchy, have wide waistband and stay where they should during any sort of movement. And the designs were amazing, bright, and colourful, they were bringing energy and desire to be active.

Brazil in general is a very special market niche for active wear. All production from fabric manufacturing to end product are done in Brazil, and the number of creative and different brands is huge, but it’s not been shown to the rest of the world properly.



Selecting our products. We are very careful at selecting the suppliers that we work with in Brazil, first from the perspective of quality of product. It should be consistently good, without faults, innovative fabrics and designs. Also, it is as important for us to work with brands that provide good working conditions for their workers and a fair pay.

Some of the companies we work with are huge and well known in Brazil, and some are small family-based ateliers that do small runs of products.

Since we started the business we got a lot of knowledge about the fabrics that are produced and what best suits our clients. We have stopped working with several suppliers that we found are not the right fit for us, and we are always testing new brands.


Treating our customers well. Every day we try to run our business in a way that we feel is the right way. And we believe it is right to sell a good quality product, sourced from suppliers that treat their workers well, and look after their environment. 

Our customers are the key source of our happiness. We love to see women happy with the product they get from us, and we treasure this.

Every interaction we have with our customers we try to treat them the best possible way, the way that we would like to be treated ourselves, and not based on the official policy but what we believe is the right thing to do.

That’s why we comfortably offer a 30-day money back guarantee for all our products. If customers are not happy about something, or just didn’t get impressed with the product, we are happy to exchange or refund the purchase. This is just honest and fair in our opinion, and customers value and respect that.



Treating our environment kindly. We also try to treat our environment kindly, and recycle all the packaging we can including soft plastic bags. We do not include any paper invoices or any complex wrapping apart from paper tissue to reflect on these values. We were also lucky to be able to source compostable courier bags that we will start using fully in September 2018. This means that our operations will not be producing any waste that goes to landfill. 





Who is our product for?  Any woman that likes wearing comfortable clothes on a daily basis, that appreciates good quality clothes and wants to feel that the clothes itself sets the mood for the day. You don’t have to be a fitness freak to enjoy wearing Ipanema Girl leggings. The best leggings moments we had were at coffee catch ups, looking after crazy kids or just lazying on the couch.

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