DIY Grazing Platter creation steps

We have a confession to make. WE LOVE FOOD. And we love hosting so much that when we have an event we go on a search adventure in order to create something delicious and cool for our amazing guests. Our most recent try out was the grazing platter - all hype of this festive season. At a first glance it looks like a pile of random food, which however takes planning and certain skill to prepare to make it look beautiful, appetising and complete. 


After research and solid preparation, we produced this wonder that was a massive success among our guests - we were so happy! 

Hence we want to share our tips on how to ace the grazing platter this season and be that hostess with the mostess. 


Step 0. Plan it.

a) Write a list of foods that you want to include: cheeses, meats, crackers, fruits, pickles, veggies, nuts, dips. Write with all the quantities so you don't need to spend time at the supermarket thinking it out too much. Consider what your guests' diets are. We often hosts a lot health enthusiasts who often are vegetarian, so our platter was dominated by fruits and veggies, while meats were not in much abundance. 

b) Decide how you present it. For a small gathering placing your platter on a chopping board is ideal. A runner out of thick brown paper is also a great base. But if you have a large island kitchen like we did and have a sizeable number of guests to feed going bare is an easy option! 


Step 1. Start with the cheeses. 

Grazing platter steps

Place your cheeses wide across the platter area making sure your blues and smokes are accessible from different sides of the platter. We had an abudnance of fresh herbs in the garden, which we used as a base mat for the cheese. Pretty, nah? 


Step 2. Crackers and bowls. 

Grazing platter steps

Once your cheeses are placed, arrange all the crackers in lines strategically next to the cheese blocks, and spread around the bowls and glasses with pickles and spreads. It's great to use high bowls and glasses for this this as it will give an effect of different levels for your platter, making it look more interesting and less flat. 


Step 3. Position large chunks of fruits.

Grazing platter steps

Work some statement fresh items into your platter for a awww effect - for us it was a pineapple boat, and large grape vine and a coconut shell with strawberries. 


Step 4. Fill the gaps and corners with the rest of your veggies, fruits, meats and loose nuts. 

Grazing Platter steps

Add all the other various, spectacular items in the empty parts of the board, making sure there are no gaps left. Get creative with your presentation of ingredients: we rolled our meats into little buns, and also prepped chocolate dipped apricots ahead of time. 


Step 5. Enjoy!

Prepping this beauty will certainly take you a few hours, but trust us you will be having fun! It's like putting an edible lego together 😃  And your guests will truly be amazed! 


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