9 tips on how to choose your perfect leggings online


It’s hard enough to choose a pair of perfect fitting leggings in store, it’s way harder when you shop for those babies online. Every model is hot and fit, so every pair looks stunning, and oh boy, don’t forget the photoshop. So what the real gals can do to assure to end up with a great pair of tights?



  • Fabric. Babes, always go for the synthetic ones. Although we love the idea of sustainably grown cotton pant, sweat will disagree with you. Cotton shows the sweat stains and keeps moisture close to your body, which not only gives you uncomfortable feeling, it also provides perfect environment for bacteria growth, and hence – stink. Look for the polyester content – it provides moisture wicking properties as well as compression and flexibility. Also polyester provides protection from the sun rays! Some brands now (like us) will specify the built filter SPF filter in their fabrics.
  • Right fit for your activity. If you are after flexibility for yoga, opt for lighter weight fabrics with more spandex content. Leggings with strong compression still tend to restrict the movement somewhat, so try to avoid that if you are the bendy person.
  • Waist band. How do you like your leggings? High waisted? Or you want to show off you flat tum? Either way look for the waist band that is 8 or more cm wide, this will generally allow a flattering fit around your waist, and won’t create the rolls on your waist. And to determine how high they sit – well, studying photos of the product is the only way to go online.
  • Squat test. If you are in store, totally squat in those babies and check if they roll down or move in any undesirable way on your body. Buying online? Look if product description gives you any indication on fit. If not, check the return policy – the good brands will allow you to return them, at least this way you can get your money back for something that didn’t work. Fabric content also matters. More compressive fabrics are more rigid and are more likely to roll down. But it’s not the rule.
  • Can you see my panties? For this check the weight of the fabric – thicker ones provide more coverage for sure. Also colour matters – no matter how good the pair of white leggings is, the light coloured fabrics can still stretch to the point to display your tush to someone downward-dogging behind you. Patterned leggings often are done with printed technique over light coloured fabric, so they have also more chance of being see-through in certain positions hmmm.
  • Size. Look at the size range available for the leggings of the provider if you buy online. More granular size range suggest more precision. Often if company only offers 3 key sizes, it may suggest that they are fabrics are more stretchy and can fit multiple sizes.  
  • Right length. Unless you live in tropics and spend most of your life in shorts, always go for the full length. 7/8 and knee length ones are just not that versatile. Roll them up if it’s a hot day for you, but this way you will always have a full length pants at your service.
  • Other features. These days we can do some amazing things with synthetic fabrics, so check for any other cool features, like blood circulation support, smoothing of cellulite, or fabrics that are suitable for various activities including in water sports.
  • Look good, feel good. No matter what argument your girlfriends bring toward a pair of black tights, life can be and should be fun, especially when it comes to active things we do. Colour makes it fun. Don’t worry about fashion and what people might think. Get the craziest pair available if it sets your soul on fire! If they bring a smile to your face, that’s the most important thing.

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